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April 7, 2021

A vertical drum lifter commonly referred to as a drum handler is a mechanical equipment that is used when handling and transporting the cylindrical module's which may include barrels, steel drums, fiber drums, and plastic drums.

The drum lifter has a spring-loaded metal arm which is used for securing and tightening the grip. The equipment is conventional in the petroleum and chemical industries, industries that require shipping and storing cylindrical modules.

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There are different types of drum lifters in the market, and one of the most common drum lifters is the vertical lifter. The equipment provides a mechanism for easy lifting and transportation of cylindrical structures especially drums.

How to Use

The equipment is standard in solid steel constructions. To efficiently use it, you lower the unit onto a drum (or your cylindrical structure), and when the lift starts elevating, the concrete gripping pads on the sides of the lifter secures the drum.

When lowered onto the ground, the carriage on the lifter drops down and automatically unlocks the drum lifters open, making it ready for another drum lift.

The equipment is mostly for use on 50 gallons of steel drums with an on top chime or lip. It cannot be used on open drums.


Once the drum is high above the ground, you use the controls to pour the angle and height while dispensing the drum. The quality components of the vertical lift drum handler and the small base make it easy for the object to maneuver. On pouring your drum, make sure to use a drum contain or faucet in place.

Do You Need Vertical Handling?

Gone are the days where you needed to manually haul and position your drums on a warehouse or work site. Nowadays, the purpose-built drum lifters can provide solutions to all the manual challenges that pertain handling the drums.

How Do You Choose The Vertical Drum Lifter?

Here is the different type of drum lifters that you need to incorporate in your business or construction.

Decanting cradles - This equipment takes the hazards and hassles of decanting liquids to allow for safe, precise pouring. The pivot on the cradles helps in minimizing the risk of spilling out splashes of liquid in a high degree of control.

Drum Eze - This is ideal for safe and effortless movement of 200 liters of steel drums. It is designed in handling drums in congested places allowing for fitting in a standard doorway.

Lift and Tip Devices - This is quite common as it has a foot pump hydraulic lift with a hand lever gearbox for tipping and rotating the drums.

Grab-O-Matic - The tools are designed to be used with forklifts that have the capacity of lifting drums to 750 kilograms. The device can lift both steel and plastic drums.

Stop trying to force your lifts adapt to changing worksite conditions but adapt to the vertical lifting mechanisms. Find the best equipment that will match and meet your current and future needs today. You will have nothing to regret about!

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